How this year taught me what I really need from music

2020 has taught us a lot about what we want. In the same way that shops, pubs and restaurants have closed except the bare necessities, I think the pandemic has taught us what we really need and desire from…

**This article was originally published by UCL Pi Media on October 23, 2020**

Jason Cowley (Source: Cherwell / The Guardian)

“This is the big one”, Jason Cowley says when I ask him about the coronavirus pandemic. He should know.

Having been appointed editor of the New Statesman in 2008, Cowley has edited the magazine at a…

Richard Jones’ Endgame misses the sweet spot between the humour and existential dread in Beckett’s classic.

** This article originally appeared in Pi Media on March 5, 2020.**

If this is to be the Old Vic’s last production before a virus prevents us from congregating in groups of more than…

Angus Colwell

All work for Pi Media, Accord Politics, or self-published work is on here. History undergraduate at UCL.

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